11 Responses to “Champa Kalhari | Sawundaryashramaya”

  1. percy hikkaduwage says:

    pls contact me by e-mail

    • sajeewani says:

      Dear Ms.Champa,

      I want to know whether do you conduct singing classes for adults..? i am 34 years old and my friend 30 years old, we both like to get thorough knowledge of singing and like to get through the related exams..Can we get your charges and information of the classes.Thank you

  2. Pubuditha says:

    I want to know about the music classes conducted by Ms. Champa kalhari. It is better if you can give me a contact number as soon as possible because it is kind of urgent.
    Thank you.

  3. sanji says:

    I want to know the music classes conducted by Ms. Champa kalhari. Pls give me a contact number or class details.
    (at Malabe / Maharagama / B’Mulla)
    Thank you.

  4. bandara says:

    please send me the telephone numbers of sawundaryashramaya

  5. Maithree Suraweera says:

    Pl let me know how to get contacted with Saundaryasramaya
    Thank you

  6. Wasaba Eranga says:

    I want to join this class…. can you tell me how can I join with this…… i want to learn music theory and voice training plzz help me…

  7. devika says:

    Dear chappa
    I’m a mother & want to know you are doing music classes for kids. bcs I have 2 kids 8yrs and 6 yrs (study in lycium)
    I want them make music lovers , I mean if they enjoy music that will be help them to clam , and quit in life too. I try few classes , but all are targeting exams. but i personally not prefers they are having so many exams, you know with their education system lot of things has to do, so i think if they go exams with every thing they will end up with tired in future. actually i want to get advice from you . i want to teach them music without stress, so can you help me , whats your idea.

  8. buddika says:

    I want to participate to the music class. Please let me know the contact details of the class.

    077 3406687

  9. sadeesha.. says:

    Plzz tel me how can i join with sawndaryasramaya.. or give me contact number ..plzz madam. Thank you..

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